Preventative Dentistry

Dentists provide various services aimed at enhancing the aesthetics of the smile and improving one’s oral health. One other significant type of dental service provided is preventive care, which is solely dedicated to preventing dental concerns even before they can take a toll on your oral health.

Oral Cleaning

Oral cleaning is the most prominent preventive treatment. It involves removing the plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth, which can be seen as dull or dark patches near the intersection of teeth, gum line, etc. The dentist uses ultrasonic scaling appliances for the procedure, which has a stainless steel tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies and dislodges the tartar deposits. The removed microbes and debris will be washed away using a jet of water. The tooth roots can also be cleaned to remove the tartar, which is done by a procedure called root planing.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are acrylic surface applicants used to cover the occlusal grooves on the molars and premolars. They entirely cover the grooves and prevent the deposition of food residues and microbes in them, thus significantly reducing the chances of developing cavities. Since they are made from tooth-colored material, they stay under disguise and keep anyone from distinguishing them from your natural enamel.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is one of the most invasive dental conditions that has claimed millions of lives in the past. It mostly occurs due to the use of tobacco - either chewing it or smoking cigarettes. If oral cancer is detected in the early stages, it can be treated accordingly, and the chances of getting it cured are higher. We conduct oral cancer screening using a VELscope, CDx, intraoral cameras, etc., and if the presence of cancer is confirmed, we will suggest further treatment.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is an essential mineral present in the teeth, which allows them to fight off cavities. The body receives its supply of fluoride through drinking water and the toothpaste we use to brush the teeth. If the ideal amount of the mineral isn’t available to the body, the teeth may become more susceptible to decay. We can carry out a fluoride therapy to replenish this volume, which is a simple, less time-consuming, and convenient procedure.

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