Our team here at Providence Smiles uses 3D printers to provide a more precise result when crafting your restorations and oral appliances. We are thrilled to use a 3D printer in Durham, North Carolina, to give you faster, more effective treatment for all your oral health needs. Call us today at 919-682-4861 to learn more and set up a visit with our dentist, Dr. Kwame Gyampo.

How 3D Printers Benefit You

3D printing technology helps ensure that your restorations and oral appliances fit your mouth comfortably and are of the highest quality. This state-of-the-art printing technology is combined with digital scanning and imaging, helping ensure that your restorations are highly accurate and that your treatments will work to improve your oral health and smile immediately. The printers and materials used are also known for creating restorations that are smooth and natural-looking, helping ensure beautiful and durable results that you can enjoy for years to come. 3D printing also helps ensure that you can complete your entire treatment in a single location and with minimal waiting, reducing your overall treatment time and your treatment cost.

When 3D Printing Will Be Used

3D printing technology is frequently used to create restorations and oral appliances such as:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Indirect bonding trays
  • Denture bases
  • Mouth guards and splints
  • Castable crowns, bridges and partial denture frameworks
  • Surgical guides for dental implants and other procedures
  • Orthodontic retainers and clear aligners

Our dentist will evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine if 3D printing is right for your treatment plan and would benefit you.


How does 3D printing work?

When you receive a restoration or appliance created using 3D printing technology, our dentist will begin by taking a digital impression of your teeth and mouth. This impression is then used to design your restoration or appliance. The printing machine takes the design and creates your restoration or appliance, resulting in a smooth, natural-looking and comfortable dental prosthetic. Our dentist can then complete your treatment by bonding the restoration in place or by checking the fit and function of your appliance prior to the end of your appointment.

Why is 3D printing used in dentistry?

3D printing is a highly versatile technology and offers many advantages. Applications of 3D printing can be made not only with restorative treatments but also in the dental fields of prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral implantology, orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics. 3D printing allows for high precision, rapid production and personal customization of treatments. Additionally, it reduces the steps of treatment plans to streamline your treatment process, giving you a faster overall treatment experience, and reduces the cost of your care.

What are the benefits of 3D printing in dentistry?

Benefits of 3D printing in dentistry include:

  • Dental and orthopedic services are faster and more accurate. 3D printing allows for multiple appliances to be printed at once. And because 3D printers convert digital images, you can be certain that each restoration or appliance is tailored perfectly to the patient’s mouth.
  • Restoration and appliances meet a high standard. 3D printers allow our dentist and team to monitor the creation of your restoration or appliance. This helps ensure that your treatment meets the highest standards of quality and will be exactly what you need.
  • Dentists save money. Sending restorations and appliances to a dental lab can be costly, even if the lab is located in-office. 3D printers are significantly less expensive to purchase and maintain, reducing the cost of creating restorations and appliances.
  • Patients save money. Traditional technologies and processes for treatment can be expensive. 3D technology eliminates much of the overhead costs of treatment, which means that dentists can pass the savings on to patients.

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