In the event that your smile situation requires a more thorough plan of treatment, our dentist and team can provide you with oral surgery in Durham and Hillsborough, North Carolina. Dr. Kwame Gyampo will work diligently to repair and restore your smile in the event that you have sustained severe damage or infection. To learn more about oral surgery in Durham, North Carolina, please feel free to contact Providence Smiles today at 919-682-4861!

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery focuses on the diagnosis of diseases and conditions of the mouth, jaws and face and includes a number of surgical dental treatments. The goal of oral surgery is to improve the function, health and appearance of your smile and the surrounding structures, such as your jaw. When it comes to your smile, our dentist and team will strive to provide you with the most conservative treatment possible. However, oral surgery may be necessary to correct certain conditions and restore your oral health and improve your overall health. Oral surgeons are trained to perform both simple and complex procedures.

While we provide many oral surgery procedures at our office, we also work closely with other dental professionals and hospitals to ensure that you receive the high-quality results you deserve. Our dentist will carefully evaluate your smile and your needs to determine whether oral surgery is the best available treatment choice for you.

What procedures are considered oral surgery?

While oral surgery is typically associated with more invasive procedures, many oral surgeons also perform simpler procedures, such as the correction of minor irregularities in the teeth.

Oral surgery procedures include the following:

  • A tooth extraction to remove a tooth if it is decayed or damaged beyond repair and the only way to protect your other teeth and restore your oral health.
  • Wisdom teeth removal for wisdom teeth that are impacted, growing in at a wrong angle or causing crowding in your mouth.
  • Jaw surgery to treat a TMJ disorder, correct uneven jaw growth or improve the fit of dentures.
  • Bone grafts to increase bone density or prepare the jaw for a dental implant.

What is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a dental specialist who has completed a four- or six-year surgical residency program after dental school. This gives them the qualifications to treat conditions, defects and injuries involving the mouth, teeth, jaw and face. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can provide treatments for wisdom teeth, misaligned jaws, oral trauma and tooth extractions.

Does oral surgery hurt?

Prior to undergoing any oral surgery, you will be provided with an anesthetic to numb the treatment area. You may also be sedated if needed, depending on the procedure being performed. You should not feel any pain throughout your procedure. After your treatment, you will be provided instructions on how to minimize your discomfort while healing.

How do I know if I need oral surgery?

Our dentist will recommend you make an appointment for oral surgery. You may also contact us if you have questions or would like a second opinion about needing a surgical procedure.

If you are in need of oral surgery, it is important to choose an experienced and qualified oral surgeon. When selecting an oral surgeon, be sure to ask any questions you have to make sure you are completely comfortable moving forward with the procedure and treatment plan. You should also ask about where the surgery will take place as some surgeons may only perform surgery in an outpatient setting, while others may have their own private surgical rooms.

During your consultation, our dentist will examine your mouth and face, as well as take X-rays, if necessary. We will then discuss your surgery options with you and develop a customized treatment plan.

Oral surgery can be a very effective way to restore your oral health and function. Call our dental office to learn more and schedule a consultation.